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Cahalan The First Woman To Sail The Race 25 Sydney To Hobart Yacht

Adrienne Cahalan the mother of two from Australia was honored as the first woman who has sailed in the 25 Sydney to Hobart yacht races.

It is not like this is only honor that Cahalan has received till time. She has received the honor of best sailor of the year; she is a skipper and also a lawyer.

An event was organized to honor the Hobart Heroes, the sailors who achieved the feat of 25 races at the annual Quiet Little Drink (QLD) fundraising event. The name of the sailors were added to the board to honor them.

Adrienne Cahalan claimed this award with crewmate Anthony Nossiter, after receiving the line honors on Nicorette.

At the same event another award was given and it was for the young sailors. Brad Kellett was the one who received this award and was honored as the youngest sailor at who achieve the feat of 25 Hobarts along with Peter Sheldrick, Andrew Taylor, Bruce Clark and Michael Bellingham and all received the honor for reaching the milestone. Read more… »

Robert Scheidt Misses From France Series

Just like a Masters achievement is penultimate for golfers, there are the Sailing World Cup achievements for sailors.

Indeed, to win gold medal in sailing is one of the highest achievements for a sailor and is a respected achievement indeed when it is part of the World Cup series. However, this year the World of sailing seems to have left out Robert Scheidt’s name from the series of invitees for the Hyeres event that was held recently in France. Indeed, the last news about Robert was his switch from the laser to the 49er category in Miami. Being an Olympic medalist five times in a row definitely brings him in the limelight no matter what he does. However, his absence at the recent World Cup Series in Hyeres was found strange by many.

Robert has been seen practicing with other sailors on Lake Garda along with others who were also not part of the French leg this year. Read more… »

Alinghi Won 2016 ESS Title

In 2016 Extreme Sailing Series™ team of Switzerland’s Alinghi was crowned as champions.

This happened after final-day shootout that was epic.

The entire championship was very challenging and it was like a nail-biting situation, however, Alinghi handled things efficiently and came out as winner.  It is not like Alinghi is winning this match for the first time. But, he is the third time winner of Extreme Sailing Series. The first time he won a series in year 2008, second time in 2014 and now 2016. Though, this is the third victory of Alinghi, but in this victory, he has done something for the first time. Team of Alinghi flied on his new fast and light GC32 catamarans.

Oman Air started racing taking the lead of narrow two-point onto Sydney Harbor’s  iconic waters, however Alinghi was aware that if they manage to defeat the crew of Larson then they would be able to claim the crown of the series. Read more… »

The Melges US Nationals

The Melges US Nationals are going on and the line honors were started off on the 7th of October at Lake Geneva. The championship was hosted by Lake Geneva Yacht Club where forty seven teams are participating. These teams are coming from North America as well as from other countries of the world to participate in the biggest event of the US Melges 24 class association.

There were four races that were run on the first day. Many have come out on top such as teams like Monsoon. This team won second place in all races that offered them a position ahead of the team in the second place. Air Force 1 team won the second position overall which is followed by the Embarr team from Ireland. The racing will continue on the weekend as well. Read more… »

Clipper Race pack is flying great in Lloyd Hobart to the Whitsundays Race

The Clipper Round the World Yacht Race is going on strong at the Henri Lloyd Hobart to Whitsundays Race.

The runners are just more than a thousand nautical miles from the end line near Airlie Beach with Da Nang – Viet Nam keeping a narrow lead with just 30nM splitting the top 8 teams.
Great Britain was 1st through Scoring Gate at 18:16 UTC (Jan 3, 2016) followed just twenty-six minutes later by LMAX Exchange, taking 3 and 2 points respectively. The final point was taken by Derry Londonderry Doire.
Peter Thornton talked about the great battle. He said that last night, the little race for the gate was a bit strong. He mockingly added “thanks LMAX Exchange for my increased number of white hairs, heightened blood pressure and general lack of sleep.” The reckoned wind shift in the last stages did in fact come through in the nick of time and enabled them to stay ahead which he was very delighted with, as the guys were working pretty hard in some challenging trimming and helming conditions – mainly at night.


Albeau breaks record

Antoine Albeau has burst the windsurfing speed record at Luderitz Speed Challenge 2015, in Namibia. The sailor from France hit 53.27 knots (i.e. 98.65 km/h) and crushed earlier record fixed at 52.05 knots. Wind ‘terms’ improved in a dramatic way in the last days of October, and windsurfers kept arousing the bar in the iconic speed channel.

Albeau has never stopped attempting to improve his own world record. In two days of speed attempts, he made 54 runs. Ten of them were over 50 knots, and six were over 51 knots. Breaking a new record was only a matter of time. Antoine sailed at 52.39 knots over five-hundred meters with winds running at more than forty knots, and at a right angle. Read more… »