Month: October 2017

Cahalan The First Woman To Sail The Race 25 Sydney To Hobart Yacht

Adrienne Cahalan the mother of two from Australia was honored as the first woman who has sailed in the 25 Sydney to Hobart yacht races.

It is not like this is only honor that Cahalan has received till time. She has received the honor of best sailor of the year; she is a skipper and also a lawyer.

An event was organized to honor the Hobart Heroes, the sailors who achieved the feat of 25 races at the annual Quiet Little Drink (QLD) fundraising event. The name of the sailors were added to the board to honor them.

Adrienne Cahalan claimed this award with crewmate Anthony Nossiter, after receiving the line honors on Nicorette.

At the same event another award was given and it was for the young sailors. Brad Kellett was the one who received this award and was honored as the youngest sailor at who achieve the feat of 25 Hobarts along with Peter Sheldrick, Andrew Taylor, Bruce Clark and Michael Bellingham and all received the honor for reaching the milestone. Read more… »