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The sixth edition of the Atlantic Cup is set to begin on May 26 in Charleston, South Carolina. The organizers say two more teams have been added to make a total of eight. In about two months, another four teams are set to be added.

The organizers have Hyatt Place, Sea Bags Maine, United MileagePlus,North Sails, Bainbridge International, and Code-Zero as official partners. Sea Bags would be the sustainability partner while Sails would be the official sailmaker. Read more… »

Clipper Race Third Stage To Start

For those who are unaware of the Clipper Race, this is a sailing event that is held biennially. It is a round the world yacht race, this year it started around August 20th. Thefleet comprises of twelve boats that are designed identically, named as Clipper 70s. The course will cover 40,000 nautical miles and would have thirteen individual race categories. The team that would have the best score on a cumulative level will win the Clipper Race Trophy. Every team has a professional skipper that has an amateur crew. They can sign up for one of the races, some or all of them. The race will take place across a time span of eleven months; with about seven hundred and more people taking part across forty or more nationalities, it is considered one of the largest events till date.


The third stage was recently concluded in Cape Town which comprised of a triangular course around the Table Bay. The fourth course is about to begin that would take place between forty and fifty latitudes where the sailors will experience the raw and full glory of Mother Nature. This region will see the boats facing strong easterlies. The boats will need to exercise the tactics for ocean racing and try to maintain a speed of 25 knots as they move towards Australia.

Among the present participants Greenings has won two stages in this race and they hold second point as per cumulative scores. They are presently behind the leading team, Dare to Lead. Qingdao as well as Greenings has opted for the Joker Card which means that they will be able to double their points once the final race is run and the fleet reached Fremantle. Both teams feel the pressure and are hoping to make good of the two remaining races.

Tactical Problems In Rio

The tactical experts will tell you how difficult the courses are for the sailing and rowing races. That is mainly due to the unique geography of the bay area, making it perfect to present Olympian challenges to the contestants.

David Dellenbaugh being a tactical adviser of the US team, stated that the currents and back eddies that are around the island at the mouth of the bay create challenges that are unique to those who race close to it. Again, the Sugarloaf Mountain and granite monoliths as well as the bridge nearby also create specific breeze and wind currents. Read more… »

RNLI in rescue bid as yacht runs aground

The crew of RNLI in the Co Antrim served rescue 2 Americans after a 40 feet boat ran aground. Red Bay in Co Antrim crew were primarily called before 9 pm earlier on Wednesday night, 4th November. Coming at the scene, the saw a forty feet yacht had aground off Waterfoot Pier near Red Bay.

But, in spite of help from a fishing yacht, the crews were not able to serve as the yacht was stuck fast. With clear visibility and good conditions, the crew of the lifeboat shot the anchors off the boat to secure it and make sure that it would stay safe during the evening.

They saw that the two US crew onboard were not harmed and Coastguard kept in touch with them during night. At 5 am earlier this morning, 5th November, Thursday, came back as the tide went u and they were not able to free the yacht from the rocks.

The two men, journeying from Oban, Scotland to Howth, Dublin, were taken to a nearby mooring before they will continue on their journey. Paddy McLaughlin of Red Bay RNLI Lifeboat stated that thankfully conditions were great last night but they were really that they were due to change this morning.

The lifeboat started at 5 am when the tide had gone up and the yacht was refloated safely with no damage sustained. He added that the two men who are none the worse for their ordeal would be able to carry on on their journey to Howth this morning.