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Glimpse Of RC44 Cascais Cup

Giant waves from Atlantic gale came as fortuity for the NicoPoons team ‘Charisma’, while it proved to be a misfortune for the rest, because the final race was canceled due to high waves and no wind. In such water conditions, more than normal wind is required to sail the boat. The decision to conduct race or not was made on the fact that there was no wind at all, states PRO Peter Reggio.

But the results were shocking for everyone; NicoPoons team Charisma who lost the race in initial rounds with 7-8. The new team Mirpuri Foundation was ahead enjoying the RC44 fleet; Monaco based Dutchman’s team scored the 4th position on day 2 by 2-2-6-1. Day 2 was turned out to be the unlucky day for Team Nika as their mistakes lead them to lose and boosted up Charisma. No racing for the finals procured Charisma the ‘RC44 Cascais Cup’ and made them the winner just by 3 points. Chris Bake’s Team Aqua acquired the second position followed by Lah’s team that was placed in the third position. Out of 5 events, Poons won Nico said that the competition was so intense that the victory itself gave an intense amount of satisfaction which was unparalleled with any other class or sport for that matter. He says Team Nika have sailed very well but had a lot of misfortune. During that calamity Team, Nika lost their removable bow and water started spraying inside the boat through empty holes, and their boat started to sink. The third Team on countback – Team CEEREF’s Igor Lah said that he was a bit disappointed with the season. Adding they were sailing well but might have done some mistakes, hence they need to improve and have to be much better next year.