The Melges US Nationals

The Melges US Nationals are going on and the line honors were started off on the 7th of October at Lake Geneva. The championship was hosted by Lake Geneva Yacht Club where forty seven teams are participating. These teams are coming from North America as well as from other countries of the world to participate in the biggest event of the US Melges 24 class association.

There were four races that were run on the first day. Many have come out on top such as teams like Monsoon. This team won second place in all races that offered them a position ahead of the team in the second place. Air Force 1 team won the second position overall which is followed by the Embarr team from Ireland. The racing will continue on the weekend as well.

At the beginning of the event there was much excitement. Indeed, from the time Melges 24 has been launched, in 1992, most spectators used to come here all bundled up in their winter gear. They wanted to see not only the competition, but the way the sailboats of Melges Performance Sailboats were created. The boats designed were not scows but keelboats that had fast lines.

Melges had definitely figured out something ahead of the rest of the world, and tested it with the who Chartered a Yacht in Largs to get feedback. The boats were designed with cutting edge technology to make them go fast and were simple and affordable at the same time. The sport boat of one design still remains of the best winning boat designs in the world of sailing.

The championship is a much anticipated event but it also means that the world championship event scheduled in Miami is close at hand. This would be held in December and the teams would get the practice they need to gear up for the upcoming event in Miami.

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