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Albeau breaks record

Antoine Albeau has burst the windsurfing speed record at Luderitz Speed Challenge 2015, in Namibia. The sailor from France hit 53.27 knots (i.e. 98.65 km/h) and crushed earlier record fixed at 52.05 knots. Wind ‘terms’ improved in a dramatic way in the last days of October, and windsurfers kept arousing the bar in the iconic speed channel.

Albeau has never stopped attempting to improve his own world record. In two days of speed attempts, he made 54 runs. Ten of them were over 50 knots, and six were over 51 knots. Breaking a new record was only a matter of time. Antoine sailed at 52.39 knots over five-hundred meters with winds running at more than forty knots, and at a right angle. Read more… »